4369825787_741c70df4f_bSo yesterday I set out to write my blog and found myself having a major case of writers block. I had blocked my creative channel and could not hear my own intuition. I became so frustrated and disenchanted with myself which only made my writers block even worse.  My mind became overwhelmed with negative thoughts. You know the shaming “it’s because your hopeless and not good enough” stuff. I realised my own self sabotage had kicked in to overdrive, and if I wasn’t careful it would hijack me and my business and take it into the land of shattered dreams and broken hearts, if I allowed it too.

You see we all have self sabotage. We come up against it in every area of our life including health/fitness, love, relationships, career/ business, finances, and spirituality. The only difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that a successful person has been able to make friends with their own self sabotage and understands it, accepts it and knows how to talk it around and get it back on side when they have a disagreement. A successful person knows their self sabotage so well that they can get their self sabotage to drive them to their chosen destination and buy them a glass of wine at the other end to apologise for being such a jerk and trying to hijack you in the first place. From past experience I was expecting this attempted hijack so I was prepared for it. I knew that the best and only real option you have to survive in this situation is to build a rapport with the abductor “your self sabotage” and turn it into your friend instead of your enemy. You do this by realising that your self sabotage is challenging you to see if you are worthy of playing the game at this new level.


To beat your own self sabotage you have to ask yourself some really awesome questions to tap back into your flow again!

Some awesome questions you can ask yourself are:

What things are you happy about in your life?

Why are you happy about this?

What are you proud of yourself for?

How does this make you feel?

What in your life are you grateful for?

Who do you love?

Who loves you?

How does it make you feel that you are loved?

What are you excited about right now?


These questions will connect you with whats important to you and make you so strong and in flow again. You will stop seeing the self sabotage as an obstacle and you will see and hear and connect with your own guidance system again. Where your focus goes your energy flows. When you are tuning into your own intuition you are tuning into your higher self. To tune into your intuition you need to raise your  energy and vibration again and ask yourself good GROWTH questions.

So for me being able to tune into my own intuition allows me to be in my true feminine nature and flow. I am able to connect with my unique purpose and ability to access my clients true passions and nature, and assist them to grow, heal and create and experience lives they love. When I am in my creative intuitive flow I tend to attract the right people into my life at the right time. My experience of my life and relationships is MAGICAL as I am connected with my true essence and feminine power.

So therefore to overcome my self- sabotage is to find the balance between being able to express my own unique feminine creative nature in a world that has discouraged it. A world that has destroyed the divine imperfections of the true feminine flower by adapting it and engineering it to create perfectionism, while losing its true nature to a world that now has DEPRESSION as it’s leading cause of disability. Depression is self-sabotage and inhibited creativity in its strongest form. So would it be possible, If we went back to our routes and encouraged women to express themselves and connect with there own individual intuitive channels, purpose and creative expression, that they may HEAL the world?