3537413538_7141d04d72_bTime to share my Gift

So I realized today that I still haven’t actually told the world fully and completely about my beautiful gift. I have only partially shared it, and I decided that it is time to fully reveal and share it, and allow everyone to experience my light at its full glow, and potential. I have to admit that I was still holding on to a bit of fear around what people would say or think of me, and my gift.

You see in the past I have been hurt a lot after revealing this gift. In fact for a while there I actually saw it as a curse and despised it. Humans can be very, very cruel sometimes, especially when they sense something different about you. So for years I kept it to myself and as a result felt very trapped, suppressed and misunderstood. I never felt completely loved or secure in the world. I feared that if I truly showed the world my gift, I would be condemned and shamed for it! I was afraid of my own light, so I dimmed it instead. This actually led to me feeling very depressed, isolated and hopeless. I started to question what the point was of having this gift, if I couldn’t share it with anyone, and had to pretend I didn’t have it.

This gift I have is of being able to see, hear, know and feel things that other people don’t, before and when they happen. I receive messages and guidance for myself, and others. I often know people are going to say or do things before they do. I can tune into others people energy, so much so that I can feel what they are feeling. An example of this is earlier this week I was chatting with one of my regular clients in America over messenger, and I started experiencing heart palpitations. I said to her, you are so stressed I know you are even having heart palpitations, and it turned out that she had been having them well over a week and had already made an appointment to go see her doctor for a check up.

 The Challenges of my Intuitive Gift

I have to say that although I know my gift is a beautiful gift and I feel very blessed to have it now, and be able to contribute and guide and share it with others, sometimes it can be very challenging. It is not easy to be able to switch off, and sometimes it is extremely exhausting. I have had to learn how to disconnect and maintain my own sense of grounding. It can also be a little annoying for people, like my partner, especially when he tries to plan surprises for me or keep a secret. I am grateful that he still continues to try though.

You could call my gift, intuition, clairvoyant, psychic and/ or medium ability. I have had this ability since I was a child but was told I was silly for “thinking or saying these things”. You see it isn’t the easiest gift to have as despite seeing, knowing and feeling what I do, I have had to learn that sometimes other people don’t understand it, or are not open to receiving my gift, and choose not to listen. However I respect that everyone is on their own journey and is entitled to their own opinions and choices.

Being Open to Something Different 

Some people are actually confronted, intimidated and/ or a bit scared of me sometimes. You see I tend to be able to intuitively get to a deeper level then people are used to revealing about themselves. However, what they don’t realize is that the purpose for this is to heal them, and to free them up so they don’t have to repeat the same patterns, can choose differently, and have a life they love.

Unlike most humans, I don’t judge them on what they have or haven’t done. I can see past their clutter and defense mechanisms that try to stop me seeing and connecting with them, at a soul level, and love them for who they truly are, and who they were born to be in this world. You see my gift is a gift of love, unconditional love and acceptance, whether you choose to receive it or not, I will still leave you with love!

In my experience, I have found that some people choose to remain closed. They would rather live with their ego intact and their soul being denied the choice of how to freely express itself. They would rather be a victim and believe that they have no choice in how their life can and will turn out.

Some people choose to believe that life is a set of circumstances and it is luck of the draw which one’s you get. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and we are all here to learn to love ourselves more and to be reminded we always have the power to choose and create.

Unfortunately, some people tend to reject what they don’t perceive as normal, or mainstream! Unfortunately what they perceive as normal is merely only a set of ideals, and values that have been projected on society by the media and other influential organizations, by using manipulating, brain washing, fear mongering, and controlling techniques, so ultimately they maintain power and control over the majority of the worlds wealth.

The sad part is that by maintaining these attitudes, these people are contributing to the segregation in our society. This, I believe is imposing unrealistic standards and expectations on people that is contributing to the growing number of people, experiencing physical and mental illnesses, depression and committing suicide every day. By striving to fit in, people are missing out on the opportunity to be fully self expressed and to appreciate each other’s own individual, and unique gifts and talents that could create heaven instead of hell on this planet.

My Gift of Intuition will Free Your SOUL

You see I am unique and different from you, yet I am the same in that I have something very special to share with you and the world. I am no longer afraid to say it! I can make a difference to this world and you and I am no longer afraid to admit it, and own it! I have a beautiful gift to share with you, and this world and I can no longer deny it or keep it to myself anymore.

I have my own innate ability to assist YOU and whoever chooses to allow me to share my gift with them, to achieve clarity, in your life, to offer you choice and to heal some of your lifelong wounds. I can and will show you how to fall in love with yourself again and experience true love in your lives, and relationships!

Love is Being Open to Understanding

I thank you for letting me share this with you. You see by allowing you the opportunity to understand me, I get to be understood, loved and appreciated for who I truly am and the light that I have to offer in this world. I no longer wish to hide this from you or anyone. I am Kylie Weir, and I have a beautiful gift!

My wish is that after reading this post you choose to shine your light on this world too and no longer hide it in the closet. I want you to know that there are people in the world who love you, and care about you, and believe in you and your unique gift. One of those people is myself! I want you to know that I am here for you, whenever you choose, to let me share my gift with you!

Sending you all lots of love and wishing you a magical day… and remember, YOU ALWAYS have a CHOICE!!!!