About Kylie, a Psychic / Intuitive Life Coach / Soul Regression Therapist

  • Are you ready to find true love, passion and inspiration?
  • Have you lost yourself in the day- to- day doing, and in your relationships?
  • Do you even know who you are anymore?
  • When was the last time you laughed?
  • Do you wish you could feel as in love with your life as you feel when you are on holidays?
  • Have you stopped truly believing in yourself, love and your dreams?
  • Are you truly living or just surviving?

I am Kylie, a psychic / Intuitive life coach / Soul Regression Therapist and a woman on a mission to create a ripple of magic in other peoples lives and keep them accountable to achieving their wildest dreams and to attract and experience TRUE LOVE / HEALTH / PURPOSE and PASSION in their lives and relationships!

A few things about me:

  • The last 2 years have been HUGE for me! I have travelled across Australia in a bus with my now husband starting from Perth and ending up where we now live on the Gold Coast. We lived and worked for 3.5 months in Alice springs. We planned our wedding whilst living in the bus, in only 15 weeks and had the most magical wedding day in Byron Bay (we actually got rainbows on our wedding day). We settled into a house here on the Gold Coast and bought all new furniture and started our lives from scratch and got pregnant and now have our first beautiful baby boy.
  • I grew up on a farm in a town called Kyogle, in Northern N.S.W and worked most weekends on the farm with my dad.
  • I love horse riding, camping, 4wding, and fishing more then I do shopping.
  • My favourite place is the Beach, I love the sun and sand and my favourite time of the day is sunset.
  • One of the most amazing adventures of my life was going backpacking around the world for 5 months in 2009 and developing a passion for third world countries. My first third world country experience was Rio de janeiro for The Carnivale. Even the circumstances getting to this country taught me that, “things always happen for a reason”. Yes, I have a couple of good travel stories to tell.
  • I still don’t see myself as a thirty something year old girl, I have set my age at 27.
  • I am a gypsy at heart and love my freedom.
  • My biggest strength that can sometimes be considered as my weakness is being able to “see the good in everyone, and give unconditional love”.
  • I have very eclectic taste in music and my favourite song of all time is yes you guessed it….“You’ve Got the Love” by Florence and The Machine.
  • I have only one tattoo
  • I love a good romantic comedy and my favourite movie is …The Notebook.
  • My favourite TV series is Sex and the City, this is the only series I can watch repeat episodes of and laugh every single time. I relate most to Sarah Jessica Parker and her character Carrie Bradshaw, as I am a real romantic and LOVE thinking, writing and talking about LOVE. In fact my whole business is about Love! However, in the end, I chose my own version of Aiden, NOT MR BIG, and his name is Travis.

Some people call me an Earth Angel, As I am an amazingly Intuitive and gifted woman who is on a mission to touch as many people lives with my light, love, and sparkle! I want people to fall in LOVE with themselves, there lives and to Experience TRUE LOVE / HEALTH AND MAGIC AGAIN!

I work with hard-working women and men who are successful in what they DO but still feel like something is missing and know they have more potential TO BE. These people are determined to find the answer and ready to reignite their passion and feel truly in love and alive and fulfilled again!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be here and able to share my gift with the world. You see it all started, 14 years ago on my first trip overseas to Europe. I went on this holiday and realized that I had been caught in this “box” and I felt “care free” and “me” for the first time in a long time. I came back only to suffer from the post holiday blues big time and to realize that my reality was not one I enjoyed or could truly be myself in. So I declared that I was going to do whatever it took to understand and create a life that I love and didn’t need to escape from! That was 14 years ago now. And so it began, the decision to START A JOURNEY, THAT HAS NOW BECOME MY LIFE AND MY BUSINESS!

It has taken a lot for me to get to the stage where I can now sit here in front of you and MAKE THE REAL DIFFERENCE! It has taken me giving up everything that I thought I should be doing, as well as everything others say I should be doing, and really taking responsibility for myself, and drawing a line in the sand. It took making a conscious decision that it was time to stop wasting my time and to finally do what I am meant to be doing and TRULY LOVING AND LIVING!

So now I can honestly say that “I Believe in a thing called love” cause I have not only been there and seen and experienced Love first hand, I now know how to create it and experience it in my life, and relationships every day, and I would like to share that with you!


  • Diploma in Life Coaching,
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Success Coach
  • Bachelor of Nursing


Kylie delivered an engaging, enjoyable and insightful workshop that had the perfect balance of theory / self discovery and fun activities. I found the group environment to be safe and comfortable and it provided the opportunity to share experiences if anyone felt compelled to do so. I feel anyone would benefit from the Balance your feminine / masculine energy workshop, no matter where they are at in terms of their life journey.
Carolyn Bayliss

Kylie has great intuition and gave me one of the most accurate readings I've ever had. She has a special gift which will bring positive outcomes into your life and goes beyond expectations with what she offers. Thanks So much for your guidance, compassion and support Kylie x
Daniela Caratozzolo

I met Kylie and at the time I was struggling with my weight and what I should do next with my life, as I had just returned from being in England for the past year. Kylie guided and advised me and I have in the past two months lost 9 kgs and got a new job which I am enjoying. I am a lot happier and now looking forward to what my future brings. Kylie has a wonderful energy and a strong love for life which shows through her willingness to guide people in the right direction or give them advice which will continuously help them throughout their lives. She is an amazing, loving and caring woman who takes pride in helping others reach their full potential, and helps them through tough or challenging times in their lives. I feel blessed to have met Kylie and I am very thankful for all the advice and guidance she has provided me with, and the support she continues to provide me.
Jessica Dore

The moment I met Kylie I felt like I’d known her forever – she has that lovely ability to make you feel cared for and protected immediately. Her intuitions and insights into my personality and my life situation were spot on and more than that, she was able to give me some really life-changing advice on what to do next. I recommend Kylie to help anyone who is looking for answers, clarity or just some very well-grounded personal advice. I hope to stay in touch with Kylie through my life journey.

I first spoke to Kylie at a time of crisis in my life. After my initial session, I was so impressed with Kylie’s genuine concern for my well-being I decided to commit to the 5 month coaching program. My expectations of the coaching program was that Kylie would help me to learn how to better deal with life’s ups and downs. In return for my time, Kylie coached me on a journey of self- discovery, and during this process, I healed my relationship with myself. I have learnt how to see my own self-worth, and now, looking after my own emotional, spiritual, and physical needs comes easy. My investment has come back to me ten-fold, and I am so grateful to have met Kylie.
Sonja Waters

Kylie’s empathy and insight helped me to recognize, and change the patterns and behaviours that kept leading me into unhealthy relationships. Now, with eyes wide open, I have been able to avoid the same traps and build a happy and loving relationship with a wonderful man. Kylie is a remarkable person and I am truly grateful that she came into my life.
Penny Cremin

Kylie, You are an amazing individual that works extremely hard to extend and expand clarity within all areas of life, challenging yourself and many to become the best that they can be. There are not to many whose passion in life is to help nurture peoples achievements and wellbeing. 
Your high level of dedication, integrity, ethical and moral standards are warm and inspiring. 
Your ability to see what others don't is a gift that you share in such a pure manner. 
Anyone that is fortunate to cross your path is destined to succeed in what they thought was not achievable. Thank you Kylie.
Rob Mascali

I can honestly say Kylie's work speaks for itself. The reading I received from her was 100 % accurate in what I was told. The guidances and messages were also what I needed to hear. Kylie always has your best interests at heart, and I came away from my reading feeling empowered. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to move forward in their life.
Linda Baird

The coaching session I had with Kylie was amazing. We had only touched base on what I think was a learning curve for me, but I can honestly say my soul loves me for it, and my life has been nothing but positive vibes since. Kylie, I adore you, keep doing what you're doing because you do a great job healing and helping those who come to you, with an open mind and heart. Sending you love and gratitude xxx
Hayli Nguyen

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my angel Kylie. You are always spot on, and your regular readings for me have been a God send! You are always right, especially with my recent promotion at work and all the health advice you have given me. I don’t know what I would do without you! I am always stunned at how accurate your readings are when I never tell you a thing, and I am on the other side of the world! Thank you for always using your beautiful gift to help others. Your spiritual advice and gift are truly special and I can’t thank the universe enough for allowing us to find each other.
Catherine Parish

Kylie was my coach in a personal development training program 8 years ago. We have remained in contact since, and I still think Kylie is one of the most positive souls on earth. She has the unlimited capability of believing in you without stopping. She is good at displaying the true coaching capabilities of being your biggest fan, but at the same time holding you to account for what you said you were going to do. That way she provides the structure you'd expect from a coach in your journey to whatever you'd like to achieve. I highly recommend choosing Kylie if you are after a coach that will allow you to produce results in your life.
Henriette Draaijer

When Marty and I first saw Kylie now over 8 years ago, we were both having a hard time with life, our relationship and lack of money. I remember feeling lost and fed up with ‘how life had turned out’. The powerful tools and concepts she taught us have enabled us to utilise them time and time again, especially when life seems to take over and obstacles have come up. The sessions Kylie facilitated have catapulted us to a really amazing place. I am happy to report all these years later that Marty and I now love the life we have created, our relationship is stronger than ever and we really enjoy each other’s company. As a result our family is full of happiness. Best of all we have tripled our income and we have shifted to a place of abundant allowance so money can enter our lives easily. We feel truly blessed… Thank you Kylie.
April Anderton

Kylie you are truly gifted in your natural ability to connect with people on a deep level very quickly, and to make them feel comfortable in opening up to you as I did. I had an illuminating conversation with you about my passion in life, and your ability to listen and pull from what I’d said exactly what I want to be doing with my life was amazing, comforting and reassuring that I am on the right track now. You really helped me when I was at a crossroads about what to do with my life. Thank you!!
Lara McKenzie


Kylie delivered an engaging, enjoyable and insightful workshop that had the perfect balance of theory / self discovery and fun activities. I found the group environment to be safe and comfortable and it provided the opportunity to share experiences if anyone felt compelled to do so. I feel anyone would benefit from the Balance your feminine / masculine energy workshop, no matter where they are at in terms of their life journey.
Carolyn Bayliss

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