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Are you addicted to Love?

I have dealt and continue to deal with many clients who struggle with Love and relationships and go from one unhealthy relationship to another. A lot of this has to do with there dangerous relationship with “Love”. You may be a little confused by this statement. So to clarify this for you a little further, what I mean is that it is not the person that they are in a relationship with that is necessarily the problem, it is their relationship to, or rather dependency on “LOVE” that is the problem.

I have found a lot of people are attached to and love the feeling of being in love. They unconsciously believe Love is a feeling that just takes over and consumes you and another person. It is an unconscious desire to be with someone, rather then a choice. It is the excitement, and the high and a feeling of ecstasy that you want to keep experiencing. But what they don’t realize is this is an illusion and a feeling that they are in fact attaching to someone else who fits there “ideal” of what love looks like. This is where falling in love can be very dangerous because if you suffer from an addiction to love then it is not unlike suffering other addictive behaviours as what happens is you get really good at justifying why someone is good for you when they are in fact really really “bad” for you. And like any addiction unless you realise and firstly admit that you have a problem with your relationship to this thing it can and will destroy your life.

12 signs that you are addicted to Love

So to help you identify if you may have a problem/ or an addiction to “love” I have come up with 12 classic, tell-tale signs that you may, or may not relate to:

  1. You fall in love very easy and your relationships always progress relatively fast.
  2. You spend most of your time thinking and analysing whether you are in the right relationship or not and whether your partner is “right for you”.
  3. You seem to lose yourself and neglect your friends and your own personal interests whilst you are in relationships and sometimes feel happier being single because you finally have time to spend on you for a change.
  4. You get “high” on love and then crash.
  5. You start talking about kids and getting married in the first few weeks.
  6. You spend most of your time talking to your friends about your partner and your relationship.
  7. You have perhaps had emotional, physical affairs with people who are already in relationships.
  8. You go from one relationship to another quite quickly.
  9. You find yourself unable to stop seeing a specific person even though you know seeing this person is destructive to you?
  10. You are terrified of never finding love.
  11. You feel inadequate if you are not in a relationship.
  12. Love is the most important thing in the world to you.

If you can relate to 5 or more of these then you most likely have a problem with “love”. If you are unsure but couldn’t resist reading this blog then you most probably have a problem with love to,  and if you did a google search and ended up finding this blog you definitely have a problem with love and need to talk to me.

Don’t worry you are not alone, there is many of us out there. I used to be a love addict and now I am a love expert because I have had to go through it myself so I could help you. I have helped many men and women recover from this addiction, who now as a result have a healthy relationship with love which has lead them to finding a healthy relationship with a person who is truly “right for them”.

It all starts with love and ends with love. To find true love you must first understand what love is NOT. Love is not a FEELING that happens beyond our control. It is rather, A CHOICE that results in a feeling and an ability to let go of control and become vulnerable so then you can truly love.

With love and wisdom,

Kylie xx