So today a dream of mine came to life..

I have been wanting to get “Love soul connect” online for a while now but didn’t know where to start in the process of creating a webpage. This morning as I was driving along the ocean, I created my intentions for my day off and my intention was to somehow be able to have the online presence to be able to blog and share my love, inspiration and passion with the world.. I didn’t know how that was going to happen as I hadn’t heard back from the designer regarding my logo yet, I sure knew why though, in fact, my “why” was stronger then ever. Then it occurred to me that maybe the logo could come later. I thought “maybe I just need to start sharing with the world what I have to say regardless of having a logo” and then I posed the question to the universe “how could I get my business online today so I can start being of service to more people”?

After posing this question to the universe the stars aligned.. I had this intuition to contact my friend Nicki a web designer but I went against this intuition as she had just had a family member pass away and her I assumed her workload was hectic, and I didn’t want to bother her so I left it and went and did my grocery shopping. Only half an hour later I had a message from my friend Nicki, asking “how did you go with your logo? I probably could set up your website quickly if you have your domain”…It was as if she had read my mind! I knew this was the stars aligning to have my website happen today… So rather then message Nicki I called her straight away and that phone call lead into building the website of ‘Love soul connect” together over skype and me writing my very first blog tonight… In only a day my dream of having the ability to touch and inspire people all over the world to create their dreams and to experience true love in their lives, came to life… and then their it was.. LOVE!!!

So what I learnt from this experience is if the why is strong enough, the how will come. Once you truly CONNECT with your SOUL purpose, opportunities WILL flow your way. Trust your intuition and let go of the chatter in your mind, cause it will sabotage you and your dreams every time. When you give up how it should look, and open your mind to what is possible, while still holding your intentions and keeping your focus clearly on what you want, and why you want it, the how will come…..sometimes quicker then you ever could imagine… in fact when your truly connected and aligned with your soul purpose…. MAGIC HAPPENS… the people and the resources and the opportunities arrive. All you really need to do is just let go and let the magic and love happen!!!

Welcome to LOVE SOUL CONNECT- turning dreams into reality and experiencing true love in your life!