fearWhoever said “life is easy” was sure in a massive big, fat comfort zone! Unfortunately for them they never really got to see what truly LIVING was all about.

In my experience you really know that you’re ALIVE when you step out of your comfort zone and make a decision, or attempt something that scares the crap out of you!

I resigned from my day job recently, to pursue my business and life passions. I am speaking honestly when I say that there are times where I feel like I am about to jump out of the plane, wondering whether the parachute will open or perhaps I will plummet to my death. It really is a very scary change!

I am experiencing a constant internal battle between embracing  and loving my awesome life changing decision and my mind wanting to press the STOP  and ABORT buttons to take me back to my comfort zone, where I know I’m safe.

Now, as if managing your own shitty thoughts isn’t enough, add to that everyone else’s shitty thoughts, opinions and concerns also.They don’t realise they are doing it, but subconsciously they’re projecting their own fears onto you about YOUR future, as if it were them about to jump out of that plane!

It’s important to understand that the fears they project at you, are their owns minds safety mechanisms being activated. So, the trick is to not let their projectiles hit you and keep you down… this of course is easier said then done!

The feeling of resistance that you and everyone else are feeling toward your life change is actually completely normal. But, the challenge is to keep moving, keep on walking towards change and don’t stop or run backwards! The more you hesitate the more pain you will feel.

Think about this:

You are driving a car load of friends to your favourite concert. You approach the roundabout and the traffic is ridiculously busy and frantic. After sitting there for what feels like forever, you finally see a small gap.  If you are quick and don’t hesitate you could enter the roundabout and get through it safely.

On the other hand, If you decide to go, but everyone in the car panics and yells “STOP” and you actually go against your own better judgement and do stop, chances are you are most likely already halfway out and  now in the path of oncoming traffic! That car you wanted to get in front of will jam on his brakes and will plough right into you. It is unlikely now that you will make it to the concert.

Had you decided to go, despite everyone yelling at you to “STOP”  because of their perception of the risk from the backseat, instead using their yelling at you as an injection of adrenaline, which transfers to your foot to put the accelerator down further just to make sure you do get through… YOU WILL MAKE IT!!

Everyone else will quickly apologise for not supporting you and for hitting the panic buttons, when clearly you have enough driving experience and are in control of the car. You made an assessment of the risk from the drivers seat, it paid off and in plenty of time might I add! YOU MADE IT and your friends will thank you for the ride because through you and your exceptional driving, they got to experience the VIP complimentary drinks before heading into the concert! You will be even more confident of your own judgement and capabilities.

Did you know, when you do something different, make a change or take a risk in life your brain is actually growing new neural pathways to accommodate these new experiences. So you must experience the growth pains that go with it.

Embracing change is like choosing which radio station to listen to; LOVE FM OR FEAR FM.

YOU WILL have to push through the resistance at the beginning and filter out the static to find clarity at LOVE FM again. IT WILL BE painful, frustrating, annoying, and make you feel anxious at the beginning, you will have to experience all that goes with it.

It’s very important to love yourself enough to acknowledge the pain and nurture yourself during this process. When you do break through it will be just like eating a Lindt chocolate ball; hard on the outside but beautiful, smooth and sweet when you make it through to the centre.

This is where you really get to experience the fruits of life and to fall in LOVE with yourself and your life again. You will feel worthy of it, knowing you were brave enough to take a risk and how hard it was to get there.



My nine hints to successfully breaking through fear and accomplish your dream, and moving towards what you love in life are:

1. Accept that it is normal and see it for what it is, know you are GROWING and be proud of yourself for having the courage to take a risk.

2. Surround yourself with supportive, optimistic people who believe in you and understand what you are experiencing. People who don’t project their own fears onto you because they realise it is their own limitations and safety mechanisms being activated.

3. Realise FEAR actually isn’t real. It is False Evidence Appearing Real that your mind perceives about the risk, based on past experiences that are trying to keep you safe because your brain hasn’t yet grown to accommodate the new experience yet.

Your brain knows that it will have to grow and expand and that is uncomfortable and painful. So it naturally activates the fear response so it doesn’t have to get uncomfortable and experience pain.

Just like a nurse needs to encourage patients to get out of bed and take the first steps after a big operation,  because the patient fears pain but the nurse knows that although it is painful the patient will actually have a quicker and more successful recovery the sooner they get moving again. It’s the same principle when you make change,  KEEP MOVING AND MOVE PAST THE PAIN.

4. Manage your anxiety and stress by eating healthy and exercising regularly.  Be very disciplined about it, and avoid alcohol.

5. Read inspiring and empowering quotes and personal development books.

6. Make time to have fun and laugh with people you love.

7. Every night before you go to sleep write down or think of 10 things you are grateful for about that day. This reprograms your mind to think positive thoughts and will attract more positive experiences into your life.

8. Create a list of all the reasons why you are doing what you are doing… IF THE WHY IS STRONG ENOUGH THE HOW WILL COME!

9. Last but most importantly get a good LIFE COACH to support you and assist you to breakthrough and keep you accountable to take action towards your goals or desired change.

Are you looking to make change in any area of your life?  Are you feeling the fear, hesitating or being held back and want to speak to someone who understands this process all to well? Someone who will not project their fears onto you, who will support you in your growth and elevate you to a whole new level?

I can help! Please contact me and let’s have a one off BREAKTHROUGH conversation.

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