Their are no coincidences

Ten years ago before I studied to be a life coach, I started asking a number of questions about my life, love and relationships. I’d heard the saying “ask and you shall receive” but never really gotten that concept. Up until then I had never really given a lot of thought to life or the universe. I guess my life had just flowed and I had felt relatively fulfilled until then. It wasn’t until I started to ask these questions that I started to see a correlation between asking questions and seemingly coincidential things happen in my life. It was then I realised that “their is no such thing as a coincidence”. Everything happens for a reason and when you ask a question the answer will arrive in sometimes unexpected ways. It is up to you to realise and see the answers however they show up.


Seeing the answers right in front of you

I had been thinking about what to name my life coaching business for years and tossing up with different ideas and becoming more and more frustrated. At the beginning of this year I had a day off and  whilst driving I decided I was going to pose my question to the universe… What should I name my business? Moments later I noticed a red ute in front of me that caught my eye not because of the guy driving it but because I LOVE the colour red. As It caught my eye I noticed it’s number plate and the number plate was “LOVE”. I realised that this was a sign. Straight after that another cars number plate caught my eye and it was “SOUL”. I said out loud “LOVE SOUL” and I realised this was the universes sign of what to name my business. As you can imagine at the time I was feeling really “CONNECTED” and that was when It dawned on me what had been missing was not my asking the question but my ability to “CONNECT” and see the answers that had been showing up everywhere.   So naturally the last word had to  be “CONNECT” and so “LOVE SOUL CONNECT” was born.

The answers show up in many different ways

A good friend of mine recently told me a story of what could have been perceived as a series of misfortunes by most but she was able to connect and see these events as an answer to her question that she had asked at the beginning of the week. She proceeded to tell me her story of how all in one week her husband fell on some secateurs whilst gardening and she had realised how easily he could’ve died. Then a few days later her son fell off his scooter and broke his arm so badly he needed surgery to repair it, and then her dog got caught in some wire and got a deep cut that needed veterinary surgery. After she relayed all this to me I thought to myself knowing full well that these seeming misfortunes were no coincidence “I wonder why these things happened”. Then my friend continued saying after all this I got thinking about a question I had been pondering for the last 2 weeks. She said she had been taking a look at her finances and where she could save money and was particularly looking at her insurances. She had asked the question “which insurances do i need to keep and which could I do without?” so in a strange way this series of events had given her the answer she sought. She had realised how easily something could happen to her husband and decided to keep her life insurance. As a  result of her sons accident she realised she could reduce her private health insurance and that she definitely needed to keep her pet insurance. So she got her answer. I guess this could also illustrate you need to “be careful what you wish for”.


Little Love Signs

A week ago I was going for a run and that  day I had been wondering what I should write my next blog about?  I was also asking if I was on the right path?. Before I left for my run a little jade love heart shaped stone fell off my key ring. I didn’t really take a lot of notice other then to pick it up off the floor and put it aside. Then whilst I was running I ran past a glitter little love heart on the path and something made me go back and pick it up. It wasn’t until I got home and on the driveway I noticed this smashed piece of plastic in the exact shape of a love  heart that I realised that this was now the third love heart that had grabbed my attention since I had left home and that this was my answer to both my questions. It was a little sign of love showing me I was on the right path with my business and was a clear sign to me that this needed to be my next blog.