Intuitive Discovery Session

Are you a little stuck and in need of some clarity? Would you like to get 100% clear and know exactly what to do next? Would you like to keep moving forward in your chosen direction and gain momentum, fast?

This Package is designed for YOU if you are just a little stuck and will allow you to breakthrough and get Clarity in less then a day related to love/ health/life purpose! Kylie will use her own unique and extremely talented holistic skill set, including Intuitive Life Coach / Psychic / Holisitic Healer as well as extensive knowledge and experience to assist you to gain clarity and identify and breakthrough whatever is BLOCKING YOU and will give you strategies and actions to take to move forward in your chosen direction. At the end of this you will walk away with clarity and be clear about what actions to take NEXT!


  • Intuitive reading (1 hour)
  • Strategy session (1/2 hour)


$300 per session



Kylie, You are an amazing individual that works extremely hard to extend and expand clarity within all areas of life, challenging yourself and many to become the best that they can be. There are not to many whose passion in life is to help nurture peoples achievements and wellbeing. 
Your high level of dedication, integrity, ethical and moral standards are warm and inspiring. 
Your ability to see what others don't is a gift that you share in such a pure manner. 
Anyone that is fortunate to cross your path is destined to succeed in what they thought was not achievable. Thank you Kylie.
Rob Mascali

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